Unmistakable, unique scent, delicate and intense taste, pink  with white eyes: here it is, the famous Mortadella, the queen of the PrimaVera line.

Also called Bologna, the town from which it takes its origins that date back to the XIV century, Mortadella is among the oldest Italian sausages and the most famous all over the world. Mortadella is a PGI, protected geographical indication, product. Three letters of great importance: control, guarantee, quality.

The EU gives this indication to those products that respect specific standards, which concern the area of production, the respect of an Italian traditional recipe and particular qualitative and organoleptic properties.

Besides respecting the regulation on raw materials, recipe and transformation, Mortadella IGP Bologna is produced only with the meat of pigs that are bred in our organic free-range farms. A way of breeding that really takes care about the animals’ wellbeing and their living space (each animal is guaranteed enough space to live in). Our animals are fed with organic feed, which is made with certified raw materials that are mainly obtained from our organic cultivations. We can ensure to our animals a free life without stress and if they get sick, we treat them only with natural and homeopathic medicines. Our organic Mortadella gathers all these features and represents the perfect mix of taste, genuineness and food safety.

Mortadella is made of different types of meat and fat from the pig’s throat minced in cubes, that are heated and washed in water and drained. They are minced in fine grains and salted, they are also dressed with whole black pepper  and pepper  pieces. Flavourings and pistachios can be added. Mortadella is, then, cooked for a long time in ovens. After being cooked, it has to be  cooled rapidly. It has an oval or cylindrical shape. Its slices show a uniform bright rosy colour and a velvety texture, with pearly cream- white eyes of fat.

Mortadella, as the other organic products by Pedrazzoli, does not contain gluten, milk-by products and additives in compliance with the organic regulation.

Mortadella is the perfect ingredient for quick and easy recipes. It is served in thin slices or diced with hard-dough bread or pasta. The traditional balsamic vinegar from Modena can be added to give it a stronger taste. It matches perfectly with red sparkling wine, like Lambrusco di Sorbara but also with craft beers with a sweet aftertaste, like Golden Ale.

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