This year  Salumificio Pedrazzoli will be at Sana Bologna again with its organic line PrimaVera from 9th to 12th September in Hall 25- Stand 19 Natures area.

The International Exhibition of the Organic Branch of the Natural Sana is the leader event in Italy of natural and organic products; by now, it is an historic event and the most anticipated event by visitors which are lovers of organic and natural products of our Country; it is  the national and international  showcase reference in the organic Italian production.

Salumificio Pedrazzoli was the first Italian company of  salamis production to believe in the organic branch and to create  a line completely  dedicated to people who want to eat good genuinely, sure that the products come from  certified and controlled breeding farms. 20 years have passed, it was September 1996 when Salumificio Pedrazzoli launched  organic line PrimaVera Bio, the first and true line of organic salami in Italy. It was born from an intuition of Elisa Pedrazzoli, that has always been a passionate supporter of the organic branch and its related values like  the respect of Nature and of the Environment  in order to produce good products but also healthy, the Primavera line is today leader in the production of organic salamis and is among the main actor in export in Germany, where it is present in the trademark  proposing about 60 different organic products.

The organic salami of PrimaVera line are produced with 100% Italian meat which is bred, slaughtered and processed following the traditions and the old regional recipes that allow to evoke almost forgotten tastes.

Salumificio Pedrazzoli stands out because unlike other companies operating in the same sector, is all the while “Breeder and Producer”, granting the total traceability of meats and raw material used, preserving the customer from possible risks connected to the quality and genuineness of products.

The production of PrimaVera line is granted by a closed-loop chain, completely dedicated to the organic branch. Pigs are bred in the whole respect for  the animal and the environment: they live free in wide grazing, with exclusively vegetal food that comes from organic plantations, healed through homeopathic and phytotherapy medicines.