Salumificio Pedrazzoli presented his products in occasion of the Bio Week dedicated to the Italian excellences in the organic sector that took place in Brussels the last 26th June and will continue until the 2nd July.

The Italian Federation of Organic Agriculture and Organic-Dynamic Agriculture is organizing a set of events in the Belgium capital city aspiring to introduce some of the best agri-food products with Italian and organic origin: the week started with an institutional event at the European parliament, where our products were taste and exhibited through gourmet recipes prepared by ten local chefs, who will bring the same ingredients to their menus to original preparations, and will continue with a day full of workshops, in which thirty professionals, from restaurant owners, to chefs, sommeliers and buyers will be sensitized about the features, the quality and the uses of our local organic products in preparations and recipes.

The restaurants involved are some of the best of Italian tradition located in Belgium: Restaurant de L’Ogenblik and Restaurant Le Casino in Bruxelles, Ristorante Pino in Overijse, Ristorante Salerno in Hoeilaart, Restaurant ‘T Park in Tervuren, Villa San Martino in Oud-Heverlee, Pizzeria da Lino in Zaventem, Taste in Leuven, Ristorante Villa Torre in Linter e Ristorante Panorama in Wavre.