Pig-Happiness is the new awareness campaign made by CIWF and by the Organic PrimaVera line of Salumificio Pedrazzoli.

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Not all the pigs breeding farms are the same , indeed they are very different, in particular  if we compare intensive farming, where the most part of the meat and Italian salamis come from, with the free-range breeding farms like the one of “Linea Primavera Bio”, the organic line of Salumificio Pedrazzoli that this year celebrates 20 years.

Here it is a video in motion graphic of the campaign Compassion in World Farming which explains in few seconds the reason why it is suitable to buy meat and salamis coming from only those breeding farms which are respectful of the pigs requirements.

The production of the Primavera Line is granted by a closed-loop  “Free Range”, completely dedicated to the organic branch. Pigs are bred in the whole respect for the animal and for the environment: they live free in wide grazing, with exclusively vegetal food that comes from organic plantations, healed through homeopathic and phytotherapy medicines.

The organic salamis of the Primavera Line are produced with 100% Italian meat, following the tradition and the old regional recipes that allow to rediscover almost forgotten tastes.

The Salumifcio Pedrazzoli stands out because unlike other companies operating in the same sector, Salumificio Pedrazzoli is all the while “Breeder and Producer” with its pigs chain, giving complete control of meat from  breeding to the final product.  Salumificio Pedrazzoli gives full transparency of the chain, granting the total traceability of meats and raw material used, preserving the customer from possible risks  connected to the quality and genuineness of products.

It is thanks  to this effort that in 2016 Primavera Bio gained the Good Pig award for the dedication to breed and produce with respect of the pigs wellness.