The taste and the tradition of the Q+ Line Pedrazzoli at the thirteenth edition of Identità Golose

Milano 4-6 March 2017 


The thirteenth edition in the event Identità Golose this year is enhanced in taste and butchery tradition with the Q+ products by Salumificio Pedrazzoli.

Identità Golose was born in 2005 and it is conceived as a cooking and pastry art congress  where important chefs, both Italian and international, can exchange ideas and innovations, comparing themselves to the best producers of Italian food excellences. Every year the congress is characterized by a different topic who becomes the common theme of the seminars and of the chefs’ and guests actions.

This year edition 2017 is characterized by the theme of the “Trip”, trip of ideas, of creativity, of products to confirm again that all that we eat is the result of trips. And a “trip” in the Pianura Padana is offered by the products of the Gourmet line Q+ of Salumificio Pedrazzoli.

A “sensory trip” in the humid areas of the Pianura Padana, ambassador of an unmistakable and unique taste, whose names of products (Padus, Poggio, Gonzaghetta) connected to the theme of the water, are the examples. Finally, the detailed care of the packaging and the elegant covering, make the Q+ line beautiful in its aspect further to be delicious in taste.

The “Nero di Parma”  (black pork from Parma) represents the crown jewel of the Q+ production.

This race, with black coat and long wattles, is characterized by the free life  in the wild in the woods of Parma hills for about 2 years. The products of this race have a long-lasting seasoning (more than 6 months). They are dark red with intense and full flavour and remind to the woods scent; their deep sweetness depends on the type of breeding  and the feeding in the open air.

During those three days it is possible to taste the Salame Padus, The pancetta, The Raw Ham 24 months seasoning, the Coppa , Gonzaghetta and other products of this line and anyone can be impressed by the creativity of the young chef and foodblogger Camilla Rossi (“A casa Camilla”), who works in collaboration with Pedrazzoli for the creation of recipes and for culinary testings.

Salumificio Pedrazzoli
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