Delicate and with an intense aroma that is loved by both adults and kids. It is Prosciutto Cotto bio of the organic line PrimaVera bio.

Prosciutto Cotto bio of the organic line PrimaVera bio is made with the leanest parts of the pig’s thigh. Pigs are bred in our organic free-range farms that ensure the production of healthy and quality meat. We pay great attention to the quality of the pig’s life and to their feeding: in particular, for their feeding we select only the best raw materials (mais, korn, soya, bran that are all 100 % organic). We also consider the relation animal/surface of land very important and we maintain it very low to protect the natural needs of the animals and the environment. Our animals are not subject to veterinary treatments. They are healed only with homeopathic medicines. As we are both breeders and producers, we can control the whole production chain for the organic production as well as for the conventional one.

As all the other organic products by Pedrazzoli, Prosciutto Cotto does not contain gluten, milk-by products, additives in compliance with the EU organic regulation. 

All these aspects allow us to confirm that our products are genuine and healthy. In particular, our Prosciutto Cotto Bio is very light because the rind and the fat have been removed. Try also the Cottino Bio in the size of 500 gr.

Process: It is obtained from the same pig’s thigh that is used to produce Parma ham. The pig’s thigh is cut in front of the femur and the bone and the trotter are removed. The product is put into special moulds that give it the characteristic pressed pear shape. It is, then, steam-cooked and it is left cooling. Finally, it is ready to be packed.

Brief history: Prosciutto cotto (cooked ham) has very ancient origins, which date back to the Roman Age. In fact, it is told that the Romans were the first ones to cook the pork’s thigh. They followed a particular procedure: they boiled it with dried figs and laurel leaves, then everything was covered with honey and cooked in crust. The Romans may have learned how to cook it from the Gauls or the Lombards, whose territories became part of the Roman Empire. It is no coincidence that the regions that produce the best cooked ham (with the longest tradition) are Friuli Venezia Giulia, Lombardy, Piedmont, Liguria and Emilia Romagna

FOOD AND WINE MATCHING: It is the ideal ingredient for sandwiches and toasts and for a quick recipe. It matches perfectly with rosé wine, like the Alezio from Apulia, or red young wine, like Grignolino d’Asti or Monferrato Casalese from Piedmont.

prosciutto cotto - preaffettati della linea Primavera Bio Pedrazzoli