From the 15th to the 18th  of February the Organic Primavera Line by Salumificio Pedrazzoli is at Biofach in Nurenberg.

The Biofach in Nurenberg is probably one of the most important exhibition for companies working in the organic branch, and for this reason it is the best window to present one’s own product and the news for 2017.
The Organic Primavera line by Salumificio Pedrazzoli  takes part also this year with its own organic products: they are healthy, tasteful and very appreciated from visitors.

Among the products you can taste at our stand there are the Mortadella Bologna PGI, the organic salame Cacciatore PDO, the organic Parma Ham PDO, the organic San Daniele ham PDO and our exclusive Salame Ettore.
These two last products in particular are the protagonists of our stand: the san Daniele with its own exhibition space ad hoc and the salame Ettore which this year shows a new look, a modern and eco-friendly packaging: a tube made of carton with modern, simples and original design.

Ettore is a salami produced according to the classical recipe from Felino, in the province of Parma, using first choice meat from   100% Italian organic breeding farms of Salumificio Pedrazzoli’s own, minced in medium grain and processed inside a natural casing.

We are located in Hall 4  stand 4-407  in the CCPB area and  this year again together with the wizard of sandwiches, Daniele Reponi, who will arouse the fantasy and tastes of visitors with his fantastic sandwiches.

The organic Primavera line was born in 1996 and represents the first line of organic Italian meats and cold cuts, produced according to natural methods, from the breeding farms to the slaughtering, from the processing to the seasoning.

All with respect for the environment and animals.Further to grant products which are gluten free, without milk flours and without preservatives, to make organic products means for us a company philosophy starting first of all from the way in which we breed our pigs, so respecting some key concepts like free-range breeding farmsextreme care of the animal feeding and their welfare over all.

That’s way the Organic Primavera line shows a collection of organic products which grant quality and health, adding a rich and genuine taste at the table. It is made respecting the environment, the human health and taking care about the consumer by offering a rich “basket” of organic top products in quality and in chain (territory, breeding farm and production).

Salumificio Pedrazzoli
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